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Representatives of Sikh Council UK and Cranford Community College met today in relation to an issue that arose about the wearing of a Kirpan at the College. The meeting was positive and constructive and clarity was established over misunderstandings between the College and two Sikh students affected by the matter.

Contrary to some reports the students were never excluded and attended the College today wearing their Sikh articles of faith including the Kirpan. Sikh Council UK and the College will continue to work together in further reviewing and developing the existing policy of the College going forward to ensure better clarity and avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

All parties acknowledged the excellent track record of the College in promoting community harmony which has been recognised locally and nationally on numerous occasions. Both Sikh Council UK and Cranford Community College are committed to working in partnership going forward on these matters.

Sikh Council UK Head of Operations Balvinder Kaur said “We are pleased to have resolved the matter and clarify any misunderstandings that had arisen and we look forward to working with the College going forward. The importance of casework around Sikh articles of faith means we all have a responsibility to have due consideration to the facts and be mindful of what is reported on social media”.