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Sikh Council UK has today raised its concerns with the Metropolitan Police following the attack on Ravneet Singh. The attack, which took place on Wednesday in the Parliament estate whilst Ravneet Singh, CEO of EcoSikh, was waiting to enter the Portcullis House to see MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi. A man shouted ‘go home Muslim’ and attempted to remove his Dastar (turban).

Sikh Council UK Chair of Community Safety Ravjeet Singh said “The Dastar is of huge religious significance to a Sikh and it is shocking this attack took place at the centre of our democracy. Sikh Council UK has taken up the matter with the Met Police structures and we look forward to progress with the criminal investigation”.

He added “This case is another illustration of Sikhs facing attacks where the perpetrators are motivated by Islamophobia. It is important that hates crimes like these are logged appropriately with the police authorities and Sikh Aware UK, the monitoring platform for the hate crime for the Sikh community in the UK. Sikh Aware UK was established in partnership with leading community organisations last year and can be accessed on